Glacier Point
This is the most awesome lookout in the lower 48 states.  Only Alaska and Banff, Alberta can compare.

Glacier Point Hiker's Bus and vicinity day hikes: Go Here


From where those people are standing it is a 3,000 foot freefall drop to the valley floor below. 

Half Dome is seen in the upper right corner.


Sometimes the late afternoon thunderstorm activity makes for an interesting view.


Sample Sunsets from Glacier Point



The entire Yosemite Valley is visible.


Looking west, Yosemite Falls is visible. This shot was taken in mid August, when most of the waterfalls in Yosemite are done for the season.


In the old days, people would do handstands on this outcropping; DO NOT ATTEMPT SUCH FOOLHARDY STUNTS!  YOU WILL DIE!


Do NOT ignore this warning; about 5 people have been killed in the park this year ignoring safety warnings.


The whole family gets into the picture.


The gift shop at Glacier Point.  You can't see it in this small image, but in a larger image you can see 6 people eating ice cream.  There is something about Glacier Point that almost everyone gets an ice cream...  must be the thin air...


Glacier Point Road is in the high country; it averages about 8,000 feet in elevation.

You can reach Glacier Point off Highway 41.  
Copy_of_Glacier.jpg (185431 bytes) Click on the image at left to see full-size map of valley floor and points of interest within view of Glacier Point.