Yosemite Lodging Review
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Yosemite Accommodations Reservations Policies 
Hang onto your wallet...  Be sure to peruse the information below  before you give your credit card information
Reservations OK, you've made your decision; now the fun part!  Or, after you check your desired availability, you can call:

Yosemite Reservations
5410 E. Home Avenue
Fresno, California 93727
Telephone: 801-559-5000
Fresno Reservations has expanded its hours. The Reservations Call Center is open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Mon. - Fri., and 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. & Sun.


HOW can reservations be sold out 5 minutes after the advance reservation period opens???
Many people have written in dismay over the fact that accommodations are booked 5 minutes after the window for reservations is open, sometimes a year in advance.  The question has been, "How can 150 rooms be reserved within 5 minutes of being made available?"  I spoke with George Gonzales, Manager of Reservations at Delaware North Corp, and he explained it this way:

(follow me on this, it's a bit confusing)  Let's say you want a reservation for July 15th through 20th. The first day to make reservations comes around (January 15), you are ready, 7am comes and you start dialing, and within 5 minutes you get a reservation person, who tells you "Sorry, no openings for that date".  You're furious!  How can this be?  Because two days, three days previous, July 12th, July 11th etc. the reservations for those dates opened and people booked a stay for 5 days. So even though reservations for your particular dates have just opened, people who made reservations 3 days ago booked through your dates, and thus that room is not available.  Then, the remaining rooms are very quickly snapped up because they have 25 reservation people who are helping guests simultaneously, booking the remaining rooms. I know, it's not fun, but it's legit and it's the Delaware North way.  If you ask them about this, their response is that it's the most fair way to do it.  I'm not sure I know why it's more fair than first-come-first-served, but oh well, that's how they do it.


General Information:
Lodging rates in the park (all except campsites are managed by Delaware North Corp) and campsites in the valley (2) are up about 15% from last year, which were up about 15% from the previous year...  The cost of visiting Yosemite National Park is rising to a prohibitive level; Over the last 15 years (since Delaware North took over) lodging rates have risen 100%!!  The cost of all types of accommodations has rocketed to confiscatory levels.  It's insane. Be Careful; ask many questions. Be clear on cancellation policies, and:

It is also important to develop a sense of humor about trying to make reservations on the phone for valley campsites. (We discuss this issue in more detail in the Yosemite Camping page.  Also, go here for a quick glance at what is available.)

Your FULLY PAID reservation is NO guarantee of a rate.  If you pay IN FULL, mind you, in January, and they decide in April to impose a rate increase, they will CALL YOU BACK AND YOU MUST FORK OVER THE INCREASE OR LOSE YOUR RESERVATION!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a direct quote from the Yosemite Concession Services reservation policies statement: "Rates are not guaranteed. Prepayment does not guarantee rates. They are reviewed in the fall and spring and will be changed with National Park Service approval, written notification of charge will be given."  Do not take this warning lightly; trust me! To wit:  

"About three years ago I made a reservation at Yosemite Lodge. When I got there they jacked up the price about 40%. When I screamed and bled all over the floor they finally let me have the room for the original price. At the time I thought it was a misunderstanding. Having read your website I now know better!

Yours, Chuck F"

Plus, be aware of this:  The Tenaya Hotel, in Fish Camp, on Highway 41 at the south gate of the park, is now owned by Yosemite Concession Services (aka Delaware North Corp), which is the concessionaire for the park.  Nice arrangement, huh.  Expect rates to go up there too.

Here's another story:
One year to the day I tried to book a specialist cabin in Curry Village only to be told that despite needing to pay we could only request the cabin and it was unlikely we would get it because it was reserved for VIP’s. They were surprised I even knew about these cabins and were even more surprised that they were on their web site. Your comments on being careful about bookings have appeared to have been correct in our case"

J. McKenzie from Australia.

The Ahwahnee Hotel  
The granddaddy of them all.

$394 to $964 p/night. (2006)
$439 to $1,015 p/night (2008)

The world renowned Ahwahnee Hotel.  Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Queen Elizabeth (I think) and many other heads-of-state have slept here.  Dignitaries the world over have visited.  Built in 1927, the grandeur of this place cannot be overstated.  Huge fireplaces (big enough to stand upright in) burn real wood (as opposed to gas logs) in the lobbies and meeting rooms.  20 foot ceilings, Indian art and artifacts on display throughout, regular performances by international opera stars, The Dining Room, etc. etc. etc. Make your reservations one year in advance or forget it.  Want the best?  Try the 3-bedroom Library Suite, only $1,015 per night. 

Honestly, this is not a place to make a habit.  You are paying for the "grand experience" of staying at the Ahwahnee.  The rooms are very small, having been originally designed in the 1920's, and although recently refurbished, simply are not worth the money, in-and-of themselves.  But The Ahwahnee is one of those world-famous places, and it's worth doing once, I suppose.

Inside the park If you want to stay in the park, especially on the valley floor, make reservations at least 6 months in advance.  One year would not be too early for holiday periods or  summer.
The Redwoods 
$82 to $432 p/night

Inside the Park

This is a property management company that rents privately owned cabins in Wawona.  You can get some small, "quaint" cottages, all the way up to large, splendid homes that can accommodate a large family or other group.  An extremely good deal, with all the homes pretty close together.   Bring a huge group (family reunion, etc.) rent some cabins close together and fit everybody in.  There's a large variety of homes from which to choose.  Within the development there is a VERY small grocery store, library, and a few buildings with pay phones.  Otherwise, you will have to go to Wawona for stuff (walking distance), or even Oakhurst (one hour round trip).  It's very close to the Wawona Hotel and the golf course; again, walking distance from some of the cabins.  Also close by are several trails for true backcountry hiking; Chilnualna Falls is about a 3-mile hike over moderate to difficult terrain and fishing along the river is excellent.  This falls is an excellent site for a quick overnight camping trip with children.  It's close, yet it's in the backcountry and not heavily traveled.  The downside to The Redwoods is that it is a very long way to the valley (one hour) and a very, very long way to Tuolumne Meadows (two hours).  For the same money you can stay at Yosemite's Four Season's Vacation Rentals and be much closer to everything.  
Wawona Hotel
559-252-4848 closed until Dec. 22, 2006
209-375-6556 front desk
$93 to $168   (2003)
$116 to $167 (2004)
$99 to $175 (2005)
$119 to $183 (2006)

$126 to $199 (2008)
(some rooms w/o baths)

Inside the park



An old hotel, built in 1879 in Victorian architectural style, it is a perfect setting for weddings, family reunions, or corporate retreats. It features a nine-hole golf course, the only one in the park.  Located in the southern part of the park in the village of Wawona, it's one hour from Oakhurst, or two hours from Fresno.  It's a splendid hotel with a long history, but you will find it to be rather spartan in it's furnishings.  Some may find it a blessing, but there are no phones, no TV and many of the rooms have no in-room bathroom.  As with The Redwoods, it's a long way to the valley and Tuolumne Meadows.
Yosemite Lodge
$81 to $114 p/night 2002
$96 to $143 p/night 2003
$110 to $151 p/night 2004
$100 to $162 p/night 2005
$113 to $170 p/night 2006
$121 to $185 p/night 2008

Inside the park
Valley Floor!

This is the closest thing to a Holiday Inn in the park. It's on the valley floor near everything.  Has a large lap pool (open to lap swimmers only early morning and 6-7pm).  It has two nice restaurants, general store and the plushest and largest cocktail lounge in the valley. (The Yosemite Lodge Food Court is now open until 8 p.m. nightly. During summer, late-evening foodservice offerings feature hand-dipped ice cream, specialty coffees, cold drinks, sandwiches and salads.) Valley shuttle buses swarm like bees so you won't need your car.  Close to Yosemite Falls, the Yosemite Falls trail and "Camp 4" walk-in campground. Most rooms have phones and TV but no air conditioning.  During winter, walk-up (no reservations) accommodations are available Sunday - Thursday.
Curry Village 
$39.75 to $91.25 2001
$59 to $109        2003
$70 to $135        2004
$70 to $135        2005
$69 to $195        2006
$85 to $205        2008 

Inside the Park
Valley Floor!
Best Value!

A collection of tent "cabins", half-cabins, and full cabins, This is a close to camping as you can get without sleeping on the ground.  Tent cabins are canvas tents constructed on raised board platforms.  It's comfortable, has a long history, and is in the center of everything.  If you have kids, it's a very good choice. Near the pizza place, nice-but-small bar, and an OK restaurant (in my opinion).  Go Here for details on Curry Village. 
Curry Village Foodservice hours include the following:
- Coffee Corner 6 a.m. - 10 p.m., daily (serves ice cream in summer)
- Curry Pizza Patio noon - 11 p.m. daily
- Curry Pavilion Breakfast Buffet 7 - 10 a.m.,
- Dinner Buffet 5:30 - 9 p.m. daily.
Housekeeping Camp 
$58 p/night; (2003; A considerable DECREASE from 2002)
$66 p/night; two people. (2004)
$70 p/night; up to 4 people. (2005)
$72 p/night (2006)
$79 p/night (2008)

Inside the Park
Valley Floor!
Best Value! (but rustic)

Similar to Curry Village tent cabins, these you can drive to on an individual basis; in Curry Village you cannot.  Very close to the river,  you can stroll along the riverbank with fine views of Half Dome and Yosemite Falls.   It's very crowded, has many kids and families, and is near everything, but it's a bargain for accommodations on the valley floor. All units have electricity. It's next to the road, so noise can be a problem on holidays and peak summer season.  Bring your earplugs.  Go Here for one family's Yosemite vacation at Housekeeping camp.  Lots of very large photos, so the page loads slow...
Tuolumne Meadows Lodge
White Wolf Lodge
$71 p/night (2004)
$80 p/night as of April price increase... (2005)
$83 p/night (2006)
$82 p/night (2008)
White Wolf lodge is slightly higher

Inside the park
Near Tuolumne Meadows

Obviously, Tuolumne Meadows Lodge located at Tuolumne Meadows, and White Wolf, located at about the halfway point between the valley and Tuolumne Meadows on Highway 120 (Tioga Road).  The tent cabins are comfortable, but this is BIG TIME BEAR COUNTRY!  NO FOOD IN CABINS!


Oakhurst  Elev. 2,500 ft. Located 20 miles from the south entrance to the park on Highway 41. The fastest, safest (the road is not as treacherous) way to get to the park, with all the modern conveniences.  I'm not going to list the Bass Lake accommodations; they are nice to be sure, but if your emphasis is commuting to Yosemite, lodging at Bass Lake will add about 1/2 hour to your trips to the park.  Bass Lake is a nice side trip.  See the map.
Best Western Gateway Inn
$80 to $110 p/night


Typical Best Western, but most rooms are very nice and parking lot is well shaded; Beware! Shady parking is no small consideration in summer. Restaurant is rather overpriced.
Comfort Inn
$80 to $95 p/night


If you've seen one, you've seen them all. Walking distance to some shopping. The major grocery stores are about 1/2 mile away. Next door to two Chinese Restaurants, the lumber company, and the Beacon Quick Mart.
Days Inn
$95 to $120 p/night


Ditto, but less convenient walking distance to shopping. Good restaurant on premises. Yosemite Visitor's Center is directly across the street which is closed on Sunday (?)  It's a bit quieter than most of the other in-town hotels.  Auto-parts place next door...  :-)
Oakhurst Lodge
$95 p/night in season


This is a small, family-run, unpretentious motel that is clean and comfortable.  It is easily within walking distance to supermarkets, drug stores, banks, restaurants, etc.   Next door to the best restaurant in Oakhurst, The Sierra City Grill.  Rite-Aid is directly across the street...  Worth your consideration. Don't be put off by the prices, it's clean and comfortable.

Comment: "The lodge was just as you said, clean and comfortable. However, most of the ladies will not appreciate the vertical blinds used on the windows in lieu of curtains. There are gaps at the bottom and through the slats that allow outsiders to check out what's going on inside. Also, the Sierra City Grill is gone." -- Al J. from Atlanta  (Editor's note: Yes, the Sierra City Grill closed recently due to endless increases in the rent by the landlord.)

America's Best Value Inn
$95 to $125 p/night


This is a newer motel, but sits at the bottom of Deadwood Grade.  It's directly across the street from a shopping center with a major supermarket, drug-store chain, post office, banks, 2 excellent pizza places, Taco Bell, McDonald's, movies, (!) etc. 18 wheelers and  country-boy pick-ups sometimes make a tremendous noise going up this hill.  Get a room in the back.
Shilo Inn
$179 to $204 p/night


Next to the Holiday Inn.  Nice place.
Hounds Tooth Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
$115 to $225 p/night


A very nice place, elegant decorum, romantic.  Right off highway 41, you would think it is a terrible location, but once you get inside, you will be impressed.  Right next to the highway, the rooms are very well insulated and you won't even hear the traffic.  VERY nice with some decent views, but not located in the woods.
Sierra Sky Ranch (lodge; closed Jan/Feb.)
$121 to $175 p/night


A large, very nice lodge situated just north of Oakhurst, convenient to the park.  Only 12 miles from the south gate.  Even though they have a nice on-site restaurant, Sierra Sky Ranch is very near the Mountain House, one of the better restaurants in Oakhurst.  Very quiet, impressive place.
High Sierra RV & Mobile Home Park
$18 to $38 p/night, dump station use included.


This is a short-term park only.  The website link to your left belies the actual surroundings of this park.  True, it is very near the center of Oakhurst, but it is not the bucolic mountain atmosphere the website describes.  RV sites are crammed in very close together, and the "river" they refer to is a seasonal stream that is nearly dry from July until the following spring runoff. This park is not the nicest by any stretch, and all sites are either dirt or gravel throughout.  Some are pull-through.   However, having said that, it is very convenient to everything, and each RV site does have quite a bit of shade. When the stream is running, (March through July) it's very appealing, and features a small waterfall to lull you to sleep.  Forget fishing; there's no fish in this run-off conduit. If you are coming in for the Peddler's Fair (Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends; huge!) this is the only place you should consider.  The Peddler's Fair was within walking distance, but has been moved over by Raley's behind Yosemite Bank on Highway 49. The park has full services, 20, 30 and 50 amp power available, including cable TV, although the cable system is old. BEWARE! The road/driveway leading down to the resort is VERY steep.  If you're pulling a large rig, CHECK THOSE BRAKES!  This is a VERY, very steep roadway with speedbumps!  There is another entrance, level, if you go down road 426 (at the talking bear) and turn left at the bank building.
Chateau du Sureau
$435 to $2,800 per night range.


This is a genuine 5-star Inn in the European tradition, featuring opulence that knows no limit.  The restaurant is world-renown, having been featured in National Geographic and other national travel magazines.  If money is NO object, and I mean NO OBJECT, and you can appreciate the absolute finest accommodations you can find, here's your place.  Dinners in the restaurant (Erna's Elderberry House) average $150.00 per person, there is no menu, and are 5 and 6 courses.   
A Bed of Roses B&B
Toll Free: 877-624-7673 (ROSE)

$110 to $150 p/night

Oakhurst/Fish Camp

(5/04) A new B&B that appears to be very nice! Actually located away from Oakhurst between Fish Camp and Oakhurst, it's a lot quieter than anything in town.  Just off the main road (Highway 41) to Yosemite, about 5 miles north of Oakhurst and about 10 miles south of the south gate to the park, and about 1 hour to the valley floor.


Fish Camp Elev. 5,100 ft. Last little hamlet before the park boundaries on highway 41.  It has the Tenaya Hotel, some Bed and Breakfasts, a quaint motel (good!) and one small general store.  The Chevron gas station closed last year and has not reopened.

This is hustling downtown Fish Camp.  The Post Office is tucked away behind the store, but that's all there is!

The privately owned cabins and B&B's are scattered about the area.

Tenaya Lodge
(559) 683-6555
$225 and up. Go Here for Special Offer!!

Fish Camp

This is a spectacular four-star resort that is by far the most luxurious hotel outside the park.  Host to many corporate retreats and business conferences, no amenity is overlooked.  Now owned by Delaware North, the same company that runs all concessions in YNP.
Apple Tree Inn 

Fish Camp

This is a small inn that is more a collection of cottages than a typical single-building hotel.  Very quaint, new  and "mountainy," not a bad place.  Directly adjacent to the Tenaya Lodge.
Narrow Gauge Inn
$79 to $190 price is DOWN from two years ago!

Fish Camp

This is NOT the place for small children.  Not that they wouldn't be welcome, but the Narrow Gauge is a one-of-a-kind special place that is better suited for honey-mooners and couples.  It is a VERY romantic, rustic-but-not-rough inn situated on a steep hill where every room has an excellent view of the Sierras.  And, if you do nothing else during your visit to Yosemite, you MUST eat in the restaurant. Absolutely fantastic, both the food and atmosphere; formal to dressy casual, but western also.  The Inn is operating under new owners. You can get a very nice room year-round.  It's an excellent place!
White Chief Mountain Lodge

Fish Camp

This is a small motel (26 rooms) but an excellent choice if you want moderate cost and close proximity to the southern gate to the park.  It is situated about 300 yards off the main road guaranteeing a quite, shady, very comfortable stay.  Very nice for the money. A little hard to find; ask at the grocery store for exact location.   Cafe and  lounge, open April through Dec. 31st.
Various Bed and Breakfast Inns

Fish Camp

Carriage House Now closed except for returning customers. 559-683-8139
Big Creek Inn Newest bed and breakfast, only 3 rooms, but very nice (559) 641-2828
Bear Cub Den

Fish Camp

Someone's personal cabin.  
Casa De Sierra
559 642-0122

Fish Camp

Private cabin. The house is only available during the summer, because the naturalist staff from the Outdoor School  lives there from September till early June. Thankfully, there are lots of people that believe and support the program for educating 5th & 6th graders about the outdoors and nature's sciences.
Fish Camp Store Cabin Rental

Fish Camp

This is a nice little cabin on the main road in Fish Camp (Highway 41), and sits high off the road for decent views of the mountains.  But the steps empty out on the front porch of the grocery store which is also right on the highway.   If that proximity is important to you, then this is the perfect place.  At least you won't have too far to go if you need incidentals!
Owl's Nest Lodging
(559) 683-3484

Fish Camp

"We have been open every season since 1988.  As a matter of fact, we just put another newly remodeled unit in service."  Nice place!
The Tin Lizzie Inn
(559) 641-7731

Fish Camp

A Victorian Bed & Breakfast across from the Tenaya Inn.  All guests get a tour of Fish Camp in their genuine Model T antique car, and you get a chance to drive the old auto; very cool!



Mariposa (location maps aren't avail. for hotels)   Elev. 2,800 ft. Another major "entrance" town on Highway 140 with most modern conveniences. Smaller than Oakhurst, and a major tourist trap with no real supermarket. There is a large family owned grocery store, and all the major motel chains, but that's about it. Very quaint, isolated, friendly town that still has some of that "old western mining town" atmosphere.  Lot's of antique stores...
Best Western Yosemite Way Station 800-528-1234
Comfort Inn 209-966-4344
E.C. Yosemite Motel 209-742-6800
5th St. Inn 209-966-6048
Holiday Inn Express 209-966-4288
Little Valley Inn 209-742-6204
Mariposa Hotel-Inn 209-966-4676
Mariposa Lodge 209-966-3607
Mariposa Meadows Ranch 209-966-2239
Mel-O-Dee Motel 209-966-5911
Miners Inn Motel 209-742-7777
Mother Lode Lodge 209-966-2521
Sierra View Suites 209-966-5793


El Portal  Elev. 2,900 ft. Last little hamlet along the Merced River before you get to the park boundaries on highway 140 from Mariposa.  The 140 road is very treacherous; one false move and you hurtle 300 to 400 feet straight down before you hit bottom. Put your car/RV/truck in low gear and PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DRIVING!! This road gives me an extremely tight gut. In "town" there's one small gas station that may close (thanks to the Sierra Club) and NO grocery at all.  Stock up in Mariposa before you check in at any of the lodging here.
Yosemite View Lodge

El Portal

Nice, 158 rooms, nothing special.
Cedar Lodge

El Portal

A very nice motel.  It has about 150 rooms and is spread out over a large area.  Situated directly off Highway 140, it is convenient to the Park.   Your first view of Half Dome and Yosemite Valley is a pleasant, leisurely 15 minute drive.  However, the motel is in the middle of nowhere.  If you need proximity to any retail stores or gas stations, this will not be your choice.  Stock up before you arrive. There is a restaurant, a small park across the road adjacent to the Merced River (beautiful!) and high steep mountains all around.  Envision a view of Manhattan where the buildings are mountains!!.  Pictures do not do it justice, so I won't even try. Definitely worth your consideration.  Elevation about 2,500 ft.
Dell Hart Lodge

El Portal

Close to the Cedar Lodge, but smaller.
Ostrander Ski Hut (excellent photos)  

El Portal

Although the phone number is an El Portal number, the hut is a backcountry shelter about 10 miles in.  It is used for backpacking cross-country skiers, and holds about 25 people.  Click on the link for the full story. VERY unique, and definitely a physical adventure!  Trail begins just east of Badger Pass Ski Area.  Most definitely, for sure, no-question-about-it worth the effort. (see High Sierra Camps for a similar summer adventure!)


Yosemite West Elev. 6,900 ft. Yosemite West is a residential area that lies technically just outside the boundaries of YNP, but the only way to get there is through the park from Highway 41 S from Oakhurst, or the super long way from Mariposa.  It is a collection of condos, private cabins (some very luxurious), B&B's and other smaller cabins.  It is only 10 minutes from Badger Pass ski area, 30 minutes from Glacier Point and 15 minutes from the tunnel view, and 20 minutes from the valley floor. Many upper-management types from the park and Forest Service live here.  It is very remote; there are no services, stores, etc.  The closest civilization is Wawona, about 20 minutes south toward Oakhurst.  But, it is definitely nice.  It is a west-facing development and the sunsets can be absolutely spectacular!


Yosemite's Four Seasons  
209-372-9000 or 800-669-9300
$119 to $605 p/night

Yosemite West
Economical condos or TOTAL luxury!

If you want the freedom and flexibility of renting your own house, apartment, studio, or condo with every conceivable amenity, this is where you want to be. They have a wide variety of choices and prices from efficiency studios to splendid large mansion-cabins with everything you could possibly need.  You CANNOT go wrong.  I am slightly partial to these folks, as I maintain their website.  But I have come to know them and have seen most of the properties. My jaw dropped when I saw what they had available!  If you have ANY inkling of doing a family reunion or large group in YNP, THIS should be given consideration.  All properties are only about 20 minutes from the valley floor, and feature high-quality, pillow-top king-size mattresses, fully stocked kitchens (some commercial grade), hot tubs, barbecues, balconies, large-screen satellite TV, free video rentals, etc. etc.  My favorites are the Four Seasons, and Longs Logs cabins.  Oh My.

Yosemite Scenic Wonders
$88 to $225 p/night

Yosemite West

Same as Yosemite Four Season's, except not as many properties and not as luxurious.
Camin's Log Retreat

Yosemite West

Privately owned, genuine log cabin.  You can't go wrong.   Phone number above is owner's home in Fresno, so be courteous about time differences (Pacific time zone).
Cozy Bear Cottages

Yosemite West

New "cottages" or condos.  Nice but not very "mountainy".   More resemble new city-like apartments than cozy log buildings.  Lots of bland, white drywall!
Yosemite Pine Arbor
559-372-9000 or 800-669-9300

Yosemite West

Private home with tons of space, every conceivable amenity, and way in the back, away from other people and with a stupendous view of sunsets. 
Private Cabin

Yosemite West

This is a private cabin (3br/2ba) owned by people in Oakhurst.  I do not know them, but I think I know the house and it is off by itself and has stupendous views to the west.  Sunsets are awesome.  

It seems to have a lot of dates available, so if you are trying for last minute accommodations, this might be a good choice if you don't mind climbing stairs. 


Groveland Located on Highway 120, it is the town located on the northwest approach to the park.  There are no flag (national) hotel/motels, however, the locally owned historic-themed hotels are excellent.
Hotel Charlotte
$98 to $160
Small but nice hotel in the middle of town, directly across the street from the Iron Door Saloon, a GREAT place to eat and take in a night's entertainment.
Yosemite Riverside Inn
$119 to $225 (summer rates)
800-626-7408 (209) 962-7408


(The following was written by the owner of the Yosemite Riverside Inn.)
If you want a comfortable place to stay in a park-like setting, Yosemite Riverside Inn is where you should check in. This family owned and operated motel is known for its cozy "home-away-from-home" atmosphere. The inn is conveniently located just 10 miles west of the Big Oak Flat entrance to Yosemite Park and 13 miles east of Groveland. From Highway 120, drive 1/2 mile north on Cherry Lake Road and you'll be away from the noise of passing traffic. The Middle Fork of the Tuolumne River is within view of several cabins. During the spring and summer months this section of the river is stocked with catchable Rainbow Trout, and wild populations of Brown Trout are sure to please those who enjoy fishing or viewing wild life. Room rates start at $79 and range up to $225. Prices may be lower during the off-peak season, or slightly higher on busy holiday weekends. With 20 motel rooms to choose from, inquire about basic or deluxe accommodations, including units with full or mini-kitchens.
Yosemite Pines RV Park    
209-962-5042 -or- 800-368-5386


This is a very nice RV park about 45 minutes from the park gate and about 90 minutes from the valley floor.  My only "critique" of this resort is few spaces have shade... it can get rather warm during summer. There's a nice pool, laundry, lot's of room and store.  They also have cabins.

Each space has elect., water and sewer hookups, but no cable TV.  Also, few spaces have shade, but this is a rather quiet resort. Lot's or room for kids to run and play, ride bikes, etc.
Pool is new, clubhouse, etc. (Photo taken in March before pool was cleaned for summer season.)
I had to put this in; This is the gold panning area, and believe it or not, you can actually find gold in this tiny creek.  You won't get rich, and you won't find it every time, but it happens more often that you might think.  Imagine the thrill your kids will experience finding a fleck or two of gold at the bottom of their pan.
The Groveland Hotel
209 962 4000 - USA 800 273 3314 - FAX 209 962 6674


Comment: "Was just reviewing your website on   Per your request to clear up inaccuracies on the website, regarding lodging on the Highway 120 Corridor and Groveland, I submit the following information for the Highway 120 Corridor and Groveland:

Some interesting stats on The Groveland Hotel at Yosemite National Park (

    -  Selected by Country Inns Magazine as one of the 'Top Ten Inns in the U.S'
    -  Recognized by Sunset Magazine as one of the 'West's Best Inns'
    -  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
    -  AAA Award of 3 Diamonds
    -  Mobile Travel Award of 3 Stars   
    -  Two Time Guest Chef at The James Beard House in New York City
    -  Chef has appeared numerous times on Sacramento's TV Guest Chef Programs - Channels 3, 10 & 13
    -  Chef invited by California State Board of Tourism to do the 'Taste of California' Kitchen in Berlin
    -  Awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for the past five years
    -  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Perhaps you've just missed our great property in your visits to the Highway 120 Corridor.  


Peggy A. Mosley, Innkeeper
The Groveland Hotel at Yosemite National Park
The Evergreen Lodge
209 379-2606


I have never been to this place, but the excellent website portrays what appears to be a very nice place.  Never even heard of it until someone told me they were staying here.  Learn something every day.
The Blackberry Inn


Same story as the Evergreen Lodge; I have never been there, but the excellent website portrays what appears to be a very nice place.  A review from a satisfied guest: "We stayed in Groveland in a Bed & Breakfast called the Blackberry Inn, the host (Ann Marie) gets an A+. "
The All Season's Groveland Inn
800-595-9993 Toll Free

Nice small hotel; no two rooms are the same, walking distance to the Iron Door Saloon, GREAT food and entertainment.
The Cub Inn B&B
A new in 2009 B&B in a genuine log cabin.  They offer discounts to pilots, as both the husband-and-wife owners are licensed pilots.  They will pick you up from Pine Mountain Lake Airport.

Yosemite Ridge Resort   
800-706-3009 / 209-962-6877


Camping Cabins, Family Cabins, RV Spaces and Garden Cottages.  This is one of the few places in the Yosemite area with the combination of reasonable rates, comfortable accommodations and an on-site restaurant.  The restaurant has WiFi and there is also a pool and a general store.  The Buck Meadows Community church is across the street.

Family Cabin- one bedroom, sleeps four.
Camping cabin - one bedroom, sleeps twp