Yosemite campground summaries:

This is a list of Yosemite Campgrounds and availabilities at each. Go Here

On the valley floor, North Pines, Lower Pines and Upper Pines are about the same. 
$24 per night, reservations required in summer. Call 877-444-6777

Amenities are:

RV's OK (NO hookups at all; generators allowed 7am to 7pm.)
Tents OK
Tap water available
Flush Toilets
Picnic Tables
Fire pits
Pets allowed
Dump Station (Upper Pines Only)
Showers (Curry Village or Housekeeping Camp)
Laundry (Housekeeping Camp)
Horseback Riding

Camp 4 Walk-In Campground (Valley Floor)
$5 per night. (3 people to a site; you share with strangers. First-come-first-served)
Open All Year.

Special Note: Camp 4 is a walk-in campground populated with two kinds of campers; climbers either embarking or returning from their assault on El Capitan, or low-rent, inconsiderate, flatlander-cheapskates who don't want to use the other valley campgrounds.  The atmosphere at Camp 4 is like that of a 3-ring circus.  It's a gypsy camp. There is noise 24 hours a day, people coming and going at all hours, other people (like myself on occasion) who come in after 7pm, thus eluding the ranger, and throw down a bag (called bushwhacking) where they can find a level spot of ground.  If you expect to get any sleep here, bring your earplugs.  Forget privacy; in fact I was once awakened in the middle of the night from a sound sleep by someone with a heavy German accent shining a flashlight in my face asking me to stop snoring so loudly...  :-\  sheesh... (I don't use a tent.)

Here's what you get:

Tents only
NO pets allowed
Showers (Curry Village)
Laundry (Curry Village)
Tap Water
Picnic Tables
Flush Toilets
Fire pits

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Tuolumne Meadows
$24 per night, reservations required. Call 800-436-7275
304 sites (25 backpacker's walk-in sites which are first-come-first-serve and are $8 per night)
55 miles from Yosemite Valley, a little more than one hour driving.
Open late June - Sept.

Special Note: It's COLD here.  Even in the middle of July you'll freeze your buns off if you're not prepared.  It can get down into the 30's at night regularly, but usually stays around the low 40's.  Elevation is 9,000 feet at the east edge of the Sierra Nevada, which means it rains here much more frequently than in the valley. Thunderstorms are common, whereas in the valley they are much less frequent. Mosquitoes are also a much larger problem here than in the valley.  They can be brutal, especially just after a hatch.  This is also big time bear country.  If you're planning to be in the area for more than two days you are sure to see a bear.  Bear sightings are always fun, especially at 2am when either something warm is licking your feet, or you wake to the racket of bears tearing your camp to shreds (if you have not stored your food properly).  Either way, it's an adventure.  You might want to peruse the information on the Bear page; Go Here.

On the bright side, this is the wilderness! (Go Here for details) Around the store and grill it can get crowded and usually stays busy.  But you can walk, literally, 500 feet down the Glen Aulin Trail and be 100% alone with no sound at all with some of the most incredible vistas you can imagine.  Or, you might choose to hike south along the Tuolumne River and choose a private isolated sand bar, or corner of a small meadow and not see another human for hours; sleep, contemplate life, read, what-ever.  Or, hike up to the top of Lempert Dome or Pothole Dome and get a mind-bending 360 degree view of Tuolumne Meadows.  And absolutely you must bring a reclining lawn chair and go out into the meadow on some moonless night and get a celestial show you will not forget, ESPECIALLY in August during the annual meteor shower.  It's worth putting up with the discomforts of camping up here.  It's just incredible.  You'd swear you never thought the sky could be so dark blue.

RV's allowed
Tap Water
Flush Toilets
Fire Pits
Showers (Tuolumne Meadows Lodge; $5 w/ towel, $3 without)

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