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Stop the presses! Flash!
I just had a site visitor and a nearly-first time visitor (in 27 years) of the park send me some photos that are truly great!  He has captured some of the best images of commonly visited park locations I have ever seen.  Check it out! This link will have to do until I get some more examples of his work.

Father Dale

Father Dale lives in Cincinnati and came out to Yosemite to photograph Half Dome, and to retrace the steps of the Bunnell military detachment who were the first white men to see Yosemite Valley in 1851.

He specializes in black and white photography and does all his own processing.


This photo was taken from the approximate spot where the men in the Bunnell party, the first white men to see Yosemite Valley, stood.  He was at Inspiration Point high above the Tunnel View observation area.

El Capitan is the large bright rock in the upper part of the shot.

May 20, 2000


An interesting shot of Half Dome and Cloud's Rest on the left.

Taken from Four Mile Trail just below Glacier Point.


Yosemite Falls

Bob Larsen

I finally got Bob to go through his stuff and see what he had.  Turns out he went to the valley on October 20 of 2000, and took some great shots of still water in fall on an overcast day.  A Fresno native, Bob has virtually grown up in the park and goes way back to the 60's when he first started visiting Yosemite.

These shots were taken from bicycle paths on the valley floor.  These views are not all visible from your car.

These first two shots are something of an optical illusion!


Great shot, huh?  Quick, tell me what's wrong with this picture!

Look at the photo below for the answer.


See it?  The bridge is right side up in this picture, and the trees were a reflection off the water in the photo above! 

Great picture!


Stoneman Bridge.


Same shot as above with wide angle lens and slightly different position.


A child runs across a meadow.


Another reflection off still water.

Nicolas Smith

A frequent Yosemite visitor (twice a month) based in the San Francisco area, he likes B&W. 



This is Cathedral Peak in the Tuolumne Meadows area.


Wow!  I love this shot!  VERY good.


Elizabeth Lake.


Half Dome enshrouded in clouds.  Nice shot!


This is Mirror Lake on the valley floor.


Nice morning fog shot...  This looks like the base of El Capitan.


These are "suncups" a phenomenon that occurs in the higher elevations when the snow is melting rapidly.  It melts unevenly and results in the formations you see here.  It's damnably hard to travel in.


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