This page will be a catch-all of trips in and around Yosemite. As I find them on the web, I'll post them here for all to see.   If you know of any web pages with personal journals or other accounts, let me know.

As time passes, people take down their on-line narratives, so the blank places you see are reflecting deletion of those dead links.  I'm too lazy to rearrange the table, so...

My trip to Half Dome July 1999 Trip from Yosemite Valley to the top of Half Dome.
Tuolumne/Sunrise/Cloud's Rest/Happy Isle 12 people on this trip; a great map of the route.
Charlotte's PCT trip She did the whole thing...
Two guys from San Diego hike Half Dome Starting on the Panorama Trail and ending at Happy Isle after hiking to Half Dome, these two have an adventure, almost getting into serious trouble at Illiouette Fall. (This site has some irritating music on it, so turn down your volume...)

Hiking Half Dome tips and advice

General admonitions and preparation advice from a guy who did it.